Anuhea:Hawaii’s Refreshing Jazz internet radio station

We have addressed the issue of terrestrial radio in many regions abandoning the smooth jazz format in favor of teenie-bopper pop or classic rock, but the smooth jazz market is meeting demand through the proliferation of Internet and satellite radio stations (click the “about” link for more info on this phenomenon).

A new one was recently bought to my attention is Anuhea: Hawaii’s Refreshing Jazz internet station. They recently reached out to us for material so I’d like to give them a little exposure here. While this station compiles their playlist under palm trees and work diligently to keep the sand out of their keyboards, you and can listen to them either on itunes or by going directly to their website:

Periodically I will bring you new places to tune into some of the best music being written and performed today. Let me know how you like them. Ciao for now.

About Daniel Odescalchi

I've been a smooth jazz fan since I was first turned onto David Sanborn, Marcus Miller & Bob James in the 80's. And who could forget Dave Grusin. Unfortunately after a while too many people started doing pop covers and it polluted the smooth jazz pool. That's starting to change and this blog is dedicated to educating people on the enjoyment of smooth jazz and the artists that perform it.
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