Brian Culbertson – The Smooth Jazz/Funk experience

You can tell when a group of musicians have mojo. It permeates the music and leaves the audience with a sense of euphoria and a silly grin that only appears after witnessing something wonderful. I know that after seeing these sessions hosted by Brian Culbertson, you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to.

Brian Culbertson is a master pianist and trombone player. He proves his skill each time he gets close to an instrument. Born in Decatur, Illinois to a band director and trumpet player, one sees where his skills as band leader emanate. Not only does Brian play, write and produce, he knows how to assemble a great group of musicians and how to get them to lay down a groove.

In this first video you will recognize many familiar faces, especially that of saxophone extraordinaire, Eric Darius. Here they perform “Back in the Day” and “So Good.” If you have the CD “Live from the inside,” here are a few of the corresponding videos tracks shot at Capitol Recording Studio in Hollywood, CA. Watch and be part of this incredible recording session.

Hold on!!!!!! Just when you thought it can’t get better, Dave Koz, Smooth Jazz’s unofficial Ambassador showed up to join the session and it is captured in this next video titled, “Get it on.”

Brian Culbertson to date has released 12 CDs. We expect many more yet to come. He is young, energetic and a prolific composer. I look forward to what our readers think of this post! Please share it with your friends. Enjoy the music and be well.

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I've been a smooth jazz fan since I was first turned onto David Sanborn, Marcus Miller & Bob James in the 80's. And who could forget Dave Grusin. Unfortunately after a while too many people started doing pop covers and it polluted the smooth jazz pool. That's starting to change and this blog is dedicated to educating people on the enjoyment of smooth jazz and the artists that perform it.
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