Cindy Bradley – Smooth Jazz Trumpet Sensation follow link follow get link resume expert research paper writing pdf how to write a good essay about activities you've done school discovery homework help bjpinchbeck index adco-metronidazole 400mg and alcohol lipitor neuropathy essays on marian theology generinis cialis dosage watch contrasting and comparison essay how to start an essay about identity Viagra Riverton introduction paragraph format for essay duchamp essay about art master program essay posso tomar viagra com cafe go 350 words essay on youth power accutane for cystic back acne brand dissertation loyalty Most people never heard of her, yet this week she adorns the top spot on the Billboard Jazz Charts and Cool Grooves is delighted to write about her this week. She is trumpet player Cindy Bradley and her tune “Massive Transit” has comfortably settled in at #1.

Cindy Bradley broke onto the scene in 2007 with her debut CD, “Just a Little Bit.” That effort led her to a record deal and gave her entre to a new set of great musicians. While Cool Grooves enjoys showing live videos so readers can enjoy the improvisational skills of these player, Bradley doesn’t have a quality version of this song live. We offer you the studio version of here tune “Massive Transit,” but follow it up with a few live performances.


Cindy Bradley is a native New Yorker hailing from Buffalo and has been playing trumpet since fourth grade, which happened by accident, but was an accident that became a passion and career. Her style is smooth jazz through and through. That said, her new chart-topping single has a bit of techno-chill stylings.  That should not deter anyone
from believing she isn’t a serious musician. We provide evidence here that the lady can jam with the best of them. She has been a regular performer on the smooth jazz circuit and in 2010 was awarded “Best New Artist” by the American Smooth Jazz Awards.

Her strong hooks have helped position her for a promising future in smooth jazz, as evidenced by this performance of “Solid Ground.’


Cindy Bradley also does a nice slow groove, as demonstrated in this version of “Before I Go.”


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I've been a smooth jazz fan since I was first turned onto David Sanborn, Marcus Miller & Bob James in the 80's. And who could forget Dave Grusin. Unfortunately after a while too many people started doing pop covers and it polluted the smooth jazz pool. That's starting to change and this blog is dedicated to educating people on the enjoyment of smooth jazz and the artists that perform it.
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