Jeff Golub loses sight, but continues making music

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Judging from the two killer shows recently on the NYC smooth jazz cruises (which also included a dynamic performances by keyboardist Henry Butler) Golub is more than managing. Recently on the Smooth Jazz New York Facebook page, one fan who witnessed one of the shows noted “Jeff is living proof to the saying, “Mind over matter.” Seeing this sort of perseverance gives me hope like nothing else.”

Golub’s manager posted this update to the web site: “…two specialists have given us hope that something can still be done to help reverse this situation. This requires extensive testing which Jeff is undergoing as we speak. These tests are vital to continuing the search for a solution, but they’re also expensive.” Towards this end, a Jeff Golub Medical Expenses account has been set up to which fans can donate. Per Bud Harner of Chapman Management, “Any donation would go a long way to help cover the costs of Jeff finding sight again.” Click Here to learn more or donate by check or PayPal.

Remember, it’s hard to make a living as a musician, and no one covers your healthcare costs, so if you can help, it’s much appreciated.
Meanwhile, let Jeff entertain you with a performance with Jeff Lorber as they perform, “Drop Top,” in London.

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I've been a smooth jazz fan since I was first turned onto David Sanborn, Marcus Miller & Bob James in the 80's. And who could forget Dave Grusin. Unfortunately after a while too many people started doing pop covers and it polluted the smooth jazz pool. That's starting to change and this blog is dedicated to educating people on the enjoyment of smooth jazz and the artists that perform it.
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